Room 120's Home Page

My name is Jessica Eaton and I am a 3rd grade teacher at Nicholson Technology Academy.  I have created this website to share the learning my students have been doing with our families and community. On this site you will find photos of the fun we have had, several videos that we have made, and links that can be used to practice the skills we are working on everyday at school. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at Enjoy!

*Star Students*



Asia was selected as student of the month for many different reasons. First of all, Asia comes to school each day ready to work her hardest. She is respectful to her teacher and fellow students and is a pleasure to be around. She is a friend to everyone and is great at making people feel better when they are feeling down. If you are having a bad day spending time with Asia can help turn it around! Congratulations Asia and keep up the amazing work!



Cameron was selected as student of the month because of his studious behavior. He always takes his time and makes sure that he does his best work. He completes all classwork and homework to the very best of his ability. He is known for his insightful contributions to classroom discussions. Furthermore, Cameron is a role model to his classmates because of his superb behavior. Everyday Cameron arrives at school quietly and ready to work. He does not distract his classmates and never creates any trouble. We could all learn a lot from this star student! Congratulations Cameron!



Bryjane is a one-of-a kind student. She has more spirit and enthusiasm than anyone I know. Among her many talents, Bryjane is a gifted singer who often delights her teacher and class with her gorgeous voice. She excels at reading poetry and has often been the winner of our class's Poetry Idol Competetion. Furthemore, when ever you ask Bryjane to do something, she always does it with a smile! Thanks for your great attitude Bryjane. Keep it going all year long!



If you are looking for a star student with a sense of humor, you have found the right guy. Shaheer is very respectful and mild-mannered, yet he knows how to make people laugh. He gets along with everyone and is great at conflict management. His great attitude and friendly face make Shaheer a pleasure to be around. He is passionate about learning and loves to share cool facts and information with his classmates. We can always count on him to fill our heads with knowledge! Congratulations Shaheer and keep up the fantastic work!



Lawrence is a recent addition to our classroom and has adapted with great ease. As a new student Lawrence quickly learned our class rules and routines and makes sure to follow them. His homework is exceptionally done and turned in on a daily basis. His polite behavior and intelligent mind make the rest of his classmates step up their own behavior. Furthermore, for his first quarter as a Nicholson Rocket, Lawrence not only made the Honor Roll, but also earned the award of being a Principal's Scholar for earning straight A's. Congratulations Lawrence and continue to be the very best version of yourself!



Brian has been selected as April's student of the month because of his hard-working nature and academic accomplishments. After 3 quarters of hard-work, Brian finally made the Honor Roll. According to his math teacher, he is a diligent, focused worker who exhibits great critical thinking skills. His other teachers appreciate how respectful is and how they can always count on him to do the right thing. Congratulations Brian! You should be very proud of yourself!